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Rail Clamp Systems

  • High durability
  • Position of clamp remains unchanged in case of power failure (fail-safe)
Produktbild Schienenzangen und Sturmsicherungen

KoRo IBS Rail Clamp electro-hydraulical

  • Closing through spring force
  • Adjustable throttle (time delay 3 - 120 sec.)
  • Opening through hydro-cylinder und hydro-aggregate incl. emergency hand-pump in case of power loss
  • With power loss the rail clamp closes automatically (fail save)
  • Holding force per rail clamp with μ = 0.25 or μ = 0.4ZWA
Special Features:
  • Automatic rail clamp; horizontal movement ± 25 mm and vertical movement ± 20 mm. Two idlers inside the clamp housing guide the rail clamp on the rail
  • No loss of clamping force resulting from jaw wear because reduced spring force is compensated by increasing the toggle lever transmission
  • Limit switch controls the position of rail clamps "clamp open", "clamp closed", "jaw wear"
  • Pressure switch in hydro aggregate redundant to mechanical limit switch at the clamp car
  • Holding force per rail clamp with μ = 0.25 or μ = 0.4 according to DIN 15019 Part 1
  • Exchangeable clamping jaws
  • Emergency hand-pump in case of power loss
  • Electro-installation complete to terminal box on the clamp housing
  • Hydraulic system, hydro-aggregate and hydro-cylinder are ready for operation, hydraulic oil is included
  • Clamp housing idlers hardened
  • ZWA car support rail VHS for maintenance free operation of the rail clamp is included
  • Aluminium cover is protected from environmental influence when it is completely closed. On demand the sides of the cover can be turned around, so that 2 big vertical openings develop
  • 160 μm paint with four layers standard
  • Rapid interchangeability of the units , like hydro-cylinder and hydro-aggregate

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